Mireille's Very First Newsletter

Hello all,
I hope that everyone had a pleasant holiday weekend. As the flowers continue to bloom outside and color returns to our landscapes, I wanted to reach out to everyone with the first of what I hope will be a new tradition of monthly newsletters.

To begin, I’d like to thank you all for your support in my journey as an artist. Those who take an interest in my passion and my work are the reason I get to pursue it as heavily as I do.

You may have noticed that I have been more active on social media platforms and that I have a new website. These changes are the fruit of my work with my two granddaughters the past few months. Using a combination of their experiences and education in gallery work, writing, design, and communication, Amber and Aiyana have helped me establish confidence in my artistic presence, working towards making my art more known and accessible. Now my paintings will reach a larger audience of friends, family, colleagues, and strangers, all while I continue to spend time with my family.

I so look forward to sharing this newsletter with you every month, keeping you updated on any new spaces to view my work, new pieces I’m working on, new crafts fairs to visit me, and more! If you haven’t yet signed up to receive email reminders, I will post below how to include you in this growing community.

Best wishes,
Mireille Duchesne