Mireille's Process: A Transition

Hello all,
We appear to be on the cusp between stormy spring and sunny summer days! Because of this, I would love to share with you a new piece that reflects this transition as well as my process.


With every landscape I take on, I find myself careful to balance both the peace and excitement of the scene to reflect my mood and create a dynamic piece that interests me. In this case, I began with the concept of a rather dark, stormy, and dramatic sky. Reflective of my mood, and my environment. However, each time I leave a painting for the night, I find that when I pick my brush back up I am in a different headspace––ready to craft an altered ambience.


Over the course of two weeks, my piece shifted. Little by little it became brighter and lighter as both my spirit and the clouds in my environment lifted, and while the gray clouds are back this week, they no longer interest me. I no longer want to represent the landscape above as so dark.


So after several weeks, this is the '“finished” work of art: “A Summer Day”


And this is not to say my work is definitive. Maybe in a month or two I will change my mind, my mood, and once again rework how I would like to represent my peace and my excitement––what elements I would like to draw these components from. But that is alright. To me a painting is never “finished” per se, it just satisfies you as you are, and if where you are shifts (physically or mentally) the work may have to be reworked to fit your new interest. Despite my planning and careful attention to detail, I am aware throughout the entire process that I must maintain only a vague idea, because my exact plan may change, and that is okay. That is in fact the joy and the frustration of painting. Continuously adjusting your works. It is never too late to change your mind.

Unless of course it is sold, or in a gallery. But in that case, as an artist you know you have represented someone else’s mood, or satisfied their vision, and that can be all the more fulfilling. Maybe every stage of this painting resonants with someone different. Which resonants best with each of you?

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